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#1  Scritto il 19-11-2010 20:20
Hi for everyone, Does someone can help in this project It should be add more article like this one So, we need cover scans and informations about stories, if aren't known. I'll explain more detalied, if it would be need. We also need some more informations about Fratelli Spada stories, index and list are incomplete. If someone has those issue, I'll post questions. Thanks in advance.
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#2  Scritto il 24-12-2010 11:38
Hi, I have almost everything published in Italy (and also lot of material published abroad) on The Phantom. I'm bound to post on this site all series published by Fratelli Spada, while I already posted those by Edizioni Nerbini of early post-war period, and Edizioni La Freccia of late 50s. In few weeks you'll have plenty of scans regarding The Phantom and other Lee Falk's character, Mandrake the Magician. If you need any information just write me a message. Regards Maurizio
#3  Scritto il 25-12-2010 10:14
Thank you very much. I've sent private message to you.
#4  Scritto il 16-06-2012 12:59
Does anyone know what's happened with Maurizio, why he isn't active on forum anymore?
#5  Scritto il 01-08-2013 12:35

Still no news.

#6  Scritto il 29-03-2015 22:52

Hello Delboj

I am registered in Phantomwiki

but i am much interested in trading cards

then comics properly.

I would like to create a page on Phantom wiki

apixx ha allegato le immagini:
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#7  Scritto il 31-12-2017 23:08

There is category for cards

However, I still hope that one day someone will want to help about Italian issues.